Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new blog - Stamp Crazy! As the title suggests, I'm crazy about stamps. I have been since I was introduced to stamps in High School. My friend's father owned his own stamp shop in Parramatta - SW of Sydney. How cool is that?? Often I'd stay at my friend's place on a Friday night and go to the Stamp Shop on Saturday mornings. I spent hours perusing his massive bin of cheap stamps. The very first stamps I purchased were from that store - at a discount :). They were a set of Australian Antarctic Territory ships.

I was immediately fascinated. I went away and learned all I could about Antarctica. I think that's what I like most about stamps, the rich and colourful history lessons one can have by just studying little pieces of paper.
     So with the idea of Firsts in mind, I have decided to dedicate my first few blog posts - after this one - to looking at some of the first stamp issues of the countries I collect. The selection is myriad, but I will choose only a few.
     The series will be entitled In The Beginning... My first country selection will be Canada. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions. I love chatting about stamps!
     Stay tuned....


  1. Welcome to the world of stamp collecting blogs! I like your enthusiasm and hope you'll keep it up! And I like the first set you've shown. Isn't that the set which had a wrong ship on one of the values? Seem to remember something like that.
    And if you want to chat even more: why not join us at our stamp magazine forums? We're always in need of enthusiastic stamp collectors!
    And I hope you'll get your dragons blog going soon too. Sounds very interesting!
    So anyway, good luck with all your new ventures and I'll be checking you out often!

  2. So Matt do you remember what your first ever stamp was?

  3. Hi, Gee I need to think back a few years to recall. I'm pretty sure it was the Antarctic ships set, but something is niggling at the back of my mind, whispering 'No Matt, it was . . .' then the voice goes blurry, fuzzed out by time - and lots of wine :) Maybe it will come to me in the middle of the night...