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Australia's KGV Commemoratives

Centenary of Western Australia 1929

Australia's third commemorative stamp was issued on 28 September 1929 to celebrate the Centenary of Settlement in Western Australia. It is true a temporary settlement had begun in 1826 at King George Sound, now Albany. But the first permanent settlement was created in 1829 on the Swan River. The colonization expedition was driven by Captain James Sterling. The fledgling colony had through many trials before it finally found its feet. Originally, it was called The Swan River settlement. It was later changed to Western Australia. Captain Sterling was the first Governor.

Centenary of Western Australia 1929

The design of the stamp was prepared by Mr. G. Pitt Morison, who was the curator of the National Gallery, Perth. The desgin incorporated the famous black swan, the emblem of the state. It also included in the top corners above 'Postage' kangaroo paw flowers, as well as eucalyptus leaves and flowers, which can be seen below the written value.

There were many designs to choose from. G. Pitt Morison submitted several. This is another of his designs...

An unadopted design

Technical Details:
Issued: 28 September 1929
Designed by G. Pitt Morison
Recess-printed on unwatermarked paper and issued in sheets of 80, perf 11 single-line
Quantity: 21,281,040. 'OS' punctured 24,000

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