Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Island's First stamp Set.

In 1901 when the first post office was opened on Christmas Island, the island, although mainly ruled by the phosphate production commission, was a part of the British Straits Settlement colony. It remained that way until 1942. From 1946 to 1958 it was controlled by Singapore and used its stamps. As we will see later, the first stamp issue of Christmas Island was inspired by the Singapore stamps of the time. 


The first stamp issue of Christmas Island was released on 15 October 1958. It was adapted from Australia’s 1/7 stamp of March 1955. 

The stamp design utilized a bas-relief profile of Queen Elizabeth II by W.L. Bowles. The design of the Australia 1/7 stamp, created by F.D. Manley, was restyled by G. Lissenden. The words CHRISTMAS ISLAND and the Malayan dollar value within a circle were overprinted in black.

The colours chosen for this series were inspired by the definitive stamps in use in Christmas Island at the time, those of Singapore. 

Initially one hundred sheets were printed. Once completed, the hundred sheets were sent by ship from Fremantle to Christmas Island.

Happy Stamping!!

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