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Australia's KGV Airmails

Air Mail Service 1931

Although a stamp inscribed 'Airmail' was released on 19 March 1931, it was part of a commemorative series (Kingsford Smith) so its availability was limited. See below...

1931 Kingsford Smith Commemorative

In May 1931, the Post Office decided to continue the 6d Air Mail stamp in the same design as the Commemorative, albeit with some alterations. The inscription 'Kingsford Smith's World Flights' was removed from the stamp and was replaced with the words 'Air Mail Service'. And the colour was changed to sepia. The stamp was issued on 4 November 1931.

1931 Air Mail Service

Later in November, some quantities of the stamp were taken and overprinted 'OS'. They were released on 17 November and, unlike other 'OS' stamps which were for official use, these overprints were available for purchase by the public.

Technical Details:
Issued: 4 November 1931
Designed and engraved by F.D. Manley
Recess-printed on unwatermarked paper, perf. 11 single-line
Quantity: 518,200. 'OS' overprinted, 75,000

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