Monday, 25 February 2013

QEII Definitives - Jamaica 1956 (Part 1)

Jamaica 1956 Part 1

On 1 May 1956 Jamaica issued its first Queen Elizabeth II definitives. The set consisted of 15 stamps, all on paper watermarked multi-script CA. The series incorporated five different designs. The series was recess-printed by De La Rue. In Part 1 we shall study the first design, which consisted of four stamps. All of these four stamps are perforated 13.

The first stamp is the ½d black and deep orange-red. The theme of this stamp is coconut palms.

SG 159

The second stamp is the 1d black and emerald. The theme of this stamp is sugar cane.

SG 160

The third stamp is the 2d black and carmine-red. This stamp was issued later than the first two on 2 August 1956. The theme of this stamp is pineapples.

SG 161

The fourth and final stamp to se this design format is the 2½d black and deep bright blue. This stamp was also released on 2 August 1956. The theme of this stamp is bananas.

SG 162

Stay tuned for Part 2. Until then...

Stay Stamp Crazy!!

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