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QEII Definitives - Jamaica 1956 (Part 4)

Jamaica 1956 Part 4

On 1 May 1956 Jamaica issued its first Queen Elizabeth II definitives. The set consisted of 15 stamps, all on paper watermarked multi-script CA. The series incorporated five different design formats. The series was recess-printed by De La Rue.

Because of the similarity of the two design formats for the final four stamps in this series, in this part we shall study these designs together. All of these four stamps are perforated 11½.

The final four stamps, which constitute the high values for this set, all incorporate the Jamaican Coats of Arms as the central motif. So let us delve a little into just what makes up the Coat of Arms of Jamaica...

The Archbishop of Canterbury, William Sandcroft, granted Jamaica its first Coat of Arms in 1661. Since then it has only been partially modified a couple of times, which included a revision in 1957. The Coat of Arms depicts a male and female Arawak, standing on either side of the shield which bears a red cross with five golden pineapples superimposed on it. The Crest is a Jamaican crocodile surmounting the Royal Helmet and Mantlings. The Latin motto, "Indus Uterque Serviet Uni", reads "Both Indies will serve one lord." In 1957 the motto was changed to read "Out of Many, One People". Click here to find out more information on the history of Jamaica.

Now let us turn to the final four stamps in this wonderful definitive set. The 3 and 5 shilling stamps are in landscape format, and they include a side-on portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The 3/- stamp is coloured black and blue. It was released on 12 August 1956.

SG 171

The 5/- stamp is coloured black and carmine-red. It was released 15 August 1956.

SG 172

The final two values of this set were printed in portrait format, and the Queen's head has been removed. Both of these stamps were released on 15 August 1956.

The 10/- stamp is coloured black and blue-green.

SG 173

The £1 stamp is coloured black and purple. This colour combination is, in my opinion, stunning!

SG 174

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