Thursday, 3 January 2013

Another Postmark ID

According to my count Southern Rhodesia had 216 post offices during the reign of King George V (1910-1936). Until now I had but one postmark identified from this period. I recently discovered this great postmark...

Southern Rhodesia 1931 1/2d

The letter to which these two 1/2d stamps were affixed was posted from Felixburg. Felixburg is a village in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. The village was named after Felix Posselt who visited the area in 1888 and later settled at Felixsburg.

So that's 2 down and 214 to go...

Stay Stamp Crazy!!


  1. With the straight edge to the top perfs and the date of 1931 this pair could be from the second SA Rhodesia Stamp Booklet 2/6d 12 x ½d and 24 x 1d.