Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Australia's Second Commemorative

1928 International Philatelic Exhibition

Australia's second commemorative stamp was the 1928 International Philatelic Exhibition 3d Kookaburra. The exhibition was held in Melbourne from 29 October to 1 November 1928. This stamp was printed in usual sheet form and also in special sheets of 60 arranged so there were 15 blocks of 4 stamps, each block surrounded by a selvedge, creating miniature sheets. Sheets of this stamp were actually printed on a special press at the exhibition...

1928 3d Kookaburra

1928 Exhibition Miniature Sheet

The design for this stamp was a modified version of the 1913 6d Claret Kookaburra.

1913 6d Kookaburra

Technical Details:
Issued: 29 October 1928
Designed by R.A. Harrison
Recess-printed on nwatermarked paper, perf. 11, sngle-line.
Total number issued: 5,043,000
(a) Sheets of 60 at the Exhibition: 1,002,000.
(b) Sheets of 120 at Post Offices: 3,837,000, 'OS' punctured: 20,400.
(c) Additionally part sheets of 30 derived from sheets of 120 and the balance of unsold Mini-sheets at the exhibition: 204,000.

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