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Australia's KGV Commemoratives

Centenary of Sturt's Exploration of the Murray River, 1930

Australia's fourth commemorative was issued in 1930 for the Centenary of Charles Sturt's Exploration of the Murray River. It was issued in two denominations: 1½d red & 3d blue.

Captain Charles Sturt came to Australia in 1827. The following year he explored the Macquarie River. He also discovered another river which he named the Darling River. On 7 January 1830, sailing in a whaleboat, Sturt and his team travelled down the Murrumbidgee River to its junction with the Murray River, which he named. He continueds down the Murray and reached Lake Alexandrina a month later. The journey was arduous and the party sufferesd many hardships along the way.

The design for the Sturt commemorative incorporates lyrebird tails. It also includes spearheads and shields typical of those used by Aborigines in the area...

1½d red

Many interesting designs were considered. Below is an unadopted design depicting a portion of the Murray River.

Technical Details:
Issued: 2 June 1930
Designed by R.A. Harrison
Recess printed on unwatermarked paper and issued in sheets of 120, perf. 11 single-line.
Quantities: 1½d - 20,366,400 stamps, "OS" punctured 30,000
                  3d - 2,052,000stamps, "OS" punctured 24,000 

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