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Australia's KGV Commemoratives

Kingsford Smith's World Flights, 1931

Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith - Smitty - is a legendary Australian aviator. His record breaking flights between 1927 and 1935 earned him legendary status to all Australians. In 1931 the Post Office released a set of three stamps to honour the great flyer...

The design of this stamp featured Kingsford Smith's now famous plane, the tri-motor Fokker  F.VIIb/3m, Southern Cross, in flight above the eastern and western hemispheres. The badge of the Royal Australian Air Force can be seen behind the word 'AUSTRALIA'. 

The issue came in three denominations. 2d, 3d, and 6d which was used for airmail.

3d Blue

6d Violet Air Mail

A small quantity of the 2d and 3d stamps were overprinted 'OS'. This was the first time commemoratives were overprinted for official use instead of being punctured. 

3d OS overprint

Technical Details:
Issued: 19 March 1931
Designed and engravedby F.D. Manley
Recess-printed on unwatermarked paper and issued in sheets of 80, perf. 11, single-line
Quantities: 2d - 20,298,000, 'OS' overprinted - 32,000
                   3d - 2,180,000, 'OS' overprinted - 28,000
                   6d - 503,200

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